A Swirl of Flavors

About Nati Lasri

Since early childhood, Nati Lasri, the company’s owner and CEO was drawn to cooking and baking. After his discharge from military service, he fulfilled his dream by attending a Pastry Chef course, which inspired him to open his first bakery. Without prior knowledge, he and his family decided to try their luck in the world of confectionary. The success was not late to come, and as soon as the bakery opened, the buyers began to line-up. The business became a success overnight. Today, the family pastry shop is situated in a three-story building.

Proficiency in Strudel Preparation and Setting Up the New Factory

Nati bakes strudels for over 20 years, in small quantities, for the steady customers of the bakery. Each year he doubled the amount sold, while specializing, upgrading and improving the recipes. The number of buyers increased. The winning product, manually prepared with the best quality ingredients, brought Nati to the establish his first Strudel Factory.
“It was a Cinderella story”, describes Nati. While participating for the first time at ISRAFOOD tradeshow, the visitors received Nati’s products with great enthusiasm.

Nati Strudel Clientele

The Strudel factory served mainly institutional clients such as bakeries, coffee shops, delicatessens and hotels. All products have been adapted to meet the needs of various customers. The factory produces a longer, pre-baked strudel for hotels, while manufacturing small, individual serving strudels for coffee shops. For the home kitchen, Nati developed a product that can be removed directly from the freezer (without defrosting), baked for 18 minutes and ready to serve.

All the products carry Badatz HaEida HaCharedit kosher supervision.

A True Viennese Strudel, Made of Stretched Dough and Special Fillings

Our product is based on the original Viennese Strudel recipe, upgraded and adapted to meet the Israeli taste. “An authentic Viennese strudel with Israeli flavors”, explains Nati. The dough is basic, stretched on long sheets, reaching a very thin thickness, on which the filling is placed, prior to rolling the strudel to its final display.
Up to now, Nati has expanded the range to a wide variety of flavors: apples, sugar-free apples, poppy seeds, sugar-free poppy seeds, cheese with raisins, cheese with cherries, cheese with blueberries and cheese with chocolate and more is yet to come. The generous, high quality amount of filling creates a rich and tasty product. The apple strudel is made of fresh apples, the cheese strudel is made of high quality cheese, without substitutes, and the poppy seeds are fresh and ground on the premises.

Nati Strudel’s Vision for the Future

Nati Strudel will continue to produce unique strudels, expand the range of flavors and use innovative technologies that will enable to maintain the wonderful taste and quality of
all its products.
Nati Strudel strives to expand its clientele in the various markets, while channeling resources to find quality products that meet the needs of its diverse customers.
A courteous, fair and professional customer service will enable us to provide our customers with a special and enjoyable taste experience.

Our Strudel – a swirl of ingredients, flavors and aroma

The Hungarians invented it, the Viennese improved it and Nati Strudel raised it to a level of Israeli art. The secret of the perfect strudel lies in the fine, wonderful dough, which is stretched on long sheets to a thin layer. A rich stuffing is wrapped in the dough, made of green apples, freshly picked in the Golan Heights, or fresh poppy seeds, ground on site, or white cream cheese sprinkled with high quality white raisins.
After the strudel comes out of the oven, the space is filled with intoxicating smells. We have a variety of excellent fillings that will suit the taste of the Israeli palate, using local ingredients.
For our institutional customers, we have prepared two versions, 30 or 40 cm long. The frozen strudels can be ordered in raw condition or pre-baked in a variety of fillings: apple, sugar-free apple, poppy seed, sugar-free poppy seed, cheese and cherry, cheese and blueberry and cheese and chocolate.
In addition, we make Pressburger cakes: made from a combination of yeast pastry and short pastry, based on clean and fresh poppy seeds, with or without various additions as halva or nuts.
For our private customers, we have prepared pre-baked frozen strudels for home baking. Just place in the oven and the strudels are ready to serve: Apple Strudel, Cheese Strudel and Poppy Seed Strudel.

Nati Viennese Strudel
P.O.B 13122, 42 Hakadar st.
Netanya 4201223
Tel. 972-9-7996284


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